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Meet Our Team 


Dr. Jason Ediger is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Winnipeg Manitoba. . He has over 20 years of experience working directly with clients in a therapeutic setting. Dr. Ediger has a special interest in blending cognitive behaviour therapy with mindfulness and humanistic approaches to change and coping. He is also trained in eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR). His practice focuses on anxiety and trauma, mood difficulties, chronic pain and health concerns in adults and adolescents. He has extensive experience with disability claims and return to work issues. Dr. Ediger is also an associate professor in the department of Clinical Health Psychology for the Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, an adjunct professor at the Canadian Mennonite University, and a longstanding board member for the Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba. He has published in academic journals on areas of mental health and health psychology including anxiety, depression, medication adherence and inflammatory bowel disease. In his spare time, Dr. Ediger enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and traveling.

A note from Dr. Ediger: "I have a wide range of experience in helping men with various problems, including issues related to relationships, jobs, childhood memories, and addictions. I know these topics can be delicate, so I offer private and safe counseling for men in Winnipeg. But, my services are not limited to just men - everyone is welcome and included."

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Dr. Jessica Zagrodney completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Saskatchewan and her residency through the University of Manitoba Medical School Department of Clinical Health Psychology. She is in her final year of supervised training before becoming a fully independent registered psychologist. Her training included specialized work with the military at the Operational Stress Injury Clinic (OSI) focusing on trauma therapy. She also trained in health psychology with extensive experience working with adults adapting to chronic health concerns. Dr. Zagrodney frequently works with obsessive compulsive and related disorders, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and issues with s tress management, motivation, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal communication. Dr. Zagrodney specializes in virtual therapy and all of her appointments are done either via phone or online.

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